2011 Honda Fury VT1300CX

2011 Honda Fury VT1300CX

Watch. Sound. Hear. Fury.

We fully understand if you think you are lying eyes. In fact, the 2011 Honda Fury VT1300CX seems to be one of the farthest edge of the two wheels of the world. But it is a Honda through and through. Here we have a mobile embodiment of pure, undiluted essence of Chopper, a machine that looks good, sounds good and go straight to the hearts of fans radical. Despite the extreme lines and attractive appearance, the 2011 Honda Fury VT1300CX backup for the measure and finish, functionality, cost, quality and reliability built into every Honda. Who would have thought it possible?

Witness the rage - hands down, the most distinctive custom Honda ever created. Long, lean and mean, stretching almost six feet of the axle of the axle, this machine is literally screaming with style chopper. And when you saddled and pulled the big 1312cc V-twin, and felt the pulse throbbing beneath you, you know you have seen a motorcycle like no other. Ever.

A masterpiece of form and function

Make no mistake, the Fury is about how she looks, sounds and sensations and how these sensations do you feel when you run it. But like all Honda's fury as a showcase for technology and offers innovative features such as programmed fuel injection, cast wheels, drive shaft designed, and, of course, this monster 1312cc V-Twin. Call it the perfect marriage between style and substance.

The Beast Within.

You will not find a V-twin is more accurate than the fury, 52 °, 1312cc brutal, taking a lot of power and torque and a sound that is pure V-twin soul.

This is all the rage.

If you are looking for the hum of the machine wrong, then look no further than Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and see what the world says about anger.

Unleash your inner rage.

Want to add your personal touch of a Fury. It is for this reason that stroke, the coolest accessories classic chopper style help you get started.

2011 Honda Fury VT1300CX Tools


1300cc V-Twin engine - Strong 1312cc, 52 degree V-twin single pin crankshaft and a balancing of the double has a lot of torque, and feel the only V-twin can produce.

Fuel Injection - Forget messing around with it a starter Fury fuel injection system is hassle-free start in the morning cold or high altitude.

Framework of high strength steel - the framework of high strength steel Fury is the cornerstone to open the machine, minimalist style chopper. It is functional as well, providing smooth ride quality and handling.

Exhaust - The driver of anger camshaft features designed to add that the only V-twin and feel the pulse of exhaust energy.

Final drive shaft - the shaft drive is quiet, clean, and unique and integrated into the overall design.

Unique wheels and tires - a fat rear tire of the 200 series, coupled with a front wheel 21-inch thin, wrapped around alloy wheels two hits.

Low seat - La Furia super-low seat height of 26.7 inches is an integrated design that stands behind the fine fuel tank and long term.

Colors - Fury has three main colors: dark red metallic, Pearl White and Orange Metallic Matt.

Chopper Style - Fury is one of the real, radical style of custom bike that Honda has ever produced, with a brilliant one-shock rear suspension with aluminum swingarm.

Long Rake - the rake-out front end and sealed, it is difficult to see him back, plus a longer wheelbase. And it's long wheelbase is not an illusion-Fury extends to the entire 71.2 cm between the axles.

Brakes - A powerful front 336 mm diameter disc brakes are complemented by a brake disc 296 mm in the rear.

Honda Genuine Accessories

- Front spoiler, front spoiler, LED accent, low Sissy Bar upright, passenger backrest, Boulevard screen (smoke), Group of rear wing, leather front pocket custom chair conductor (tribal / Vector / Flame) seat As passenger Walnut Fork Cover, top outdoor pigtails (cable throttle / clutch / brake pigtail front / rear brake hose), ticket, clutch cover billet time, billet master cylinder cap, bill license plate frame, billet rod, Chrome Allen Bolt Inserts, Fork Bolt Covers, custom handles, the cycle of the outer cover.



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