2011 Harley-Davidson FXS Blackline

Harley-Davidson 2011 FXS Blackline Review
The Blackline is a Harley-Davidson Softail compared to the bone with the visual elements of movement combined with an original Bobber style adopted by manufacturers of thought of the bike today's youth. The rear fender was swinging high and tight in a thin 144 mm tire profile that highlights a real stiff. The corridor includes part of the seat down two offered by Harley-Davidson, which conform to the new division Drag handlebars. The rigid powertrain allows tight packaging of the engine and chassis to create a strong link between the pilot and the power that moves the Blackline.

Thin wire, strong as iron, and black as the asphalt road at midnight, a new Blackline Harley-Davidson Softail model Pared marrow. Creating a custom dark rebel movement in Black Line is celebrating its three fundamental part of the Motorcycling: mechanical beauty, internal combustion engine, and a long black line on the way to go.

Blackline balances of loyalty to the conventions of the rebels release, the previous color and a dark chrome custom look honest, functional and affordable. The visual elements of the original motion Bobber combined with the first hand-hewn style adopted by the manufacturers of today's youth. The Blackline throw new fuel on a fire that burns through the generations, an insatiable desire to ride.

Thin and narrow

The rear fender was swinging high and tight into a thin profile, the 144 mm tires that highlights a real stiff. The compact light and speedometer are in the low range, FX front, and there is enough to spark the black looks more black. Black rimmed wheels attached to complete a look that is hard, mild and no doubt Harley-Davidson.

The focus shines in a Big Twin engine style black dresses and silver, and a fuel tank and low smooth shave. Aboard the Blackline, pilot hugs through the lower two seats ever offered Harley-Davidson, and reaches high to pull the redistribution ™ handlebars that bolt right to the top triple clamp.

The chassis uses control Softail rear suspension provided by springs over shocks mounted horizontally on the rails box below the powertrain, where they are out of sight. Thus, while the swing arm section includes the lines of a hardtail frame period, the suspension Blackline offers the performance and handling that are very modern. The internal balanced against the Twin Cam 96B ™ engine is rigid-mounted in the frame, creating a strong link between the pilot and the power that moves the motorcycle in order to improve the emotional experience of riding.

Harley-Davidson FXS Blackline model highlights

Powertrain new design and glossy black powder finish rocker box covers, guards, an outer primary cover and transmission side. The cylinders are machined with shades of silver powder. Cover and derby covers are chromed time.

NEW air filter around the deck in bright chrome

NEW black powder box and Denim swingarm.

New mags profile laced with black rims anodized

New Front Big FX triple clamps and fork black powder painted black decreases.

Redistribution Draw ™ cable guide is mounted internally directly on the upper crown

New asymmetrical five-gallon fuel tank is clean Softail ® on the left side, with a low profile on the filler neck

right. Molded "Black" panelflowing filling in the center of the lid of the tank fuel pump equipment.

The new analog speedometer, triple clamp mount, also has lights. LCD speedometer includes a low fuel warning, and "empty miles" display mode.

NEW bobbed rear fender with combination lock / turn taillights / where black, and the owner of a new license plate and the light module is mounted compound on the bottom edge of the wing.

NEW Raw forged rear fender supports are painted black denim powder

NEW one piece, up to two passenger seats and the passengers. Driver's seat height is 24 inches Laden, the lowest of the two seats offered by Harley-Davidson.

New 5.75-inch diameter high-gloss black headlamp shell

• polished pedal controls forward.

• Over / under shotgun exhaust chrome

Harley-Davidson FXS main Blackline Key Features

Blackline ™ is a Harley-Davidson ® Softail ® Pared bone. Visual elements from the original cork movement in combination with the first hand-hewn style adopted by the manufacturers of today's youth.

The rear wing is jumping on a thin andtight high, 144 mm tire that attaches to an authentic profile hardtail. The projector is compact and speedometer are stored in the bottom know, before FX. Cavalier cuddle under on the lowest of two seats in place, offered by Harley-Davidson, and ranks high for new distribution Draw ™ has managed to screw the top triple clamp.

Softail rear suspension mimics the clean lines of vintage hardtail frame but with a modern suspension system is hidden behind the frame. Rigid transmission allows an engine compression and narrow frame and creates a solid connection for the driver and the power that moves on a motorcycle.

• Rigid mounted, counterbalanced Twin Cam 96B ™ V-Twin engine with electronic sequential fuel injection port (ESPFI)

• 6-speed Cruise Drive ® transmission

• horseshoe oil tank

• Optional Smart Security System Harley-Davidson ® hands-free security fob


U.S. MSRP - Vivid Black $ 15,499 USD, two-tone $ 15,998 USD

Canadian MSRP - Check with your local dealer for pricing.